Male Edge

Male Edge is an affordable male enhancement device that works to make a penis longer and thicker. The extender uses an effective, but simple method called traction. Also, it is good to notice that a male enhancement supplement like VigRX is always a good complement to the extender.

This is a clinically proven method of increasing length and girth. The traction provides a constant, steady pull on the shaft. This stretches the cells in the penis until the cells divide and multiply through the process called cytokines. As the cells and tissue recovers, new healthy tissue grows and strengthens and allows the penis to lengthen. Of all the male enhancement devices on the market, Doctors recommend a traction based enlarger like the Male Edge extender.

The Male Edge is comfortable to wear and easy to use. The extender can be worn discreetly while out and about, as long as the user is not wearing tight pants. The device is adjustable in order to accommodate any size penis from 3 to 10 inches.

The Male Edge extender is guaranteed to work, as long as it is used as directed. The pain free technique is simple, but effective and any enlargement will be noticeable and permanent. Men who use this product have reported enhancement by as much between two and three inches.

As the device is used the new tissue shows overall growth with regular and visible signs of improvement in thickness and length. The time it takes to work depends on the individual and the time it takes for each man to respond to the technique. The device is fully adjustable, allowing each man to set the traction and the g force being applied. The longer the man uses the device the longer the greater the increase in penis size.

When penis size has reached the desired length, the man can stop wearing it and enjoy his new found length, image and lifestyle.