Does Male Edge Work?

Men who want a longer and thicker penis, only need to try Male Edge. It is not a pill as vigrxplus, It is a male enhancement device that is most affordable and effective and uses the simple method of traction to achieve its goal. Traction is a method that has been used for many years to increase length to legs, arms and fingers. The same principle has been applied to devices used for penis extension.

Traction provides a constant, steady pull on the penis. The device actually stretches the penis and the cells and tissue. The cells break apart and multiply and during the recovery process, the cells gain in strength, giving the penis length and width. New tissue that grows as a result of the breaking of the old tissue adds to the strength of the penis, as well.

The device is comfortable to wear and has adjustable straps and length guides to accommodate any length penis from three to ten inches. As men gain inches in their penis, the device can be adjusted to accommodate their newly acquired size. The device can also be worn under street clothes discreetly.

The Male Edge is guaranteed to work, as long as the device is used as directed. The price though, is not as low as vigrx plus price. It is pain free, unless the adjustments are too tight or the device is worn for too long of a period of time. The lengthening of the penis will be permanent so once the objective has been achieved, the user does not have to use the extender anymore. Men who have used the extender reported growth of two to three inches.

If the device is used on a regular and continual basis, growth will be visible as the new tissue continues to regenerate itself. Since each man responds differently to outside forces, the time it takes for the extender to do the job will vary.